Alexander Chumania

Alexander Chumania
What is your role in SteriValves?

I joined the SteriValves team in 2017, specializing in metal polishing. My main responsibility is to work on specific projects, carefully checking technical drawings to ensure impeccable results. Over the years, my skills have steadily grown, to the point where I now serve as a mentor for new team members, assisting in their training. Additionally, I
manage interactions with other company departments to coordinate timelines related to my production sector.
Another crucial aspect of my role is serving as the
Representative of Workers for Safety (RLS). In this capacity, I actively address workplace safety, ensuring that all safety procedures are strictly adhered to. Since 2023, I have also obtained a welding license, allowing me to provide support
to our welder.

What do you like about your job?

What I appreciate most is undoubtedly the transformation of the initial raw piece into a perfectly polished mirror-finished product. This phase requires great attention to detail and extreme precision in metalworking. Polishing can be a time-
consuming process that demands considerable physical effort; therefore, I consider patience and endurance as two essential qualities I possess to achieve impeccable results.
Furthermore, thanks to my years of experience, I have the opportunity to share valuable advice with new colleagues, which is rewarding both professionally and personally.

What do you think is the strength of SteriValves?

In my opinion, SteriValves’ strength lies in its ability to provide opportunities for professional growth through autonomy in managing my time and allocated resources.
This flexibility not only presents an excellent personal opportunity for me but also constitutes a significant advantage for the company itself. Additionally, my role as the Representative of Workers for Safety fills me with pride. I use this position not only as a responsibility but also as a source of inspiration to enhance the conditions around me.
The ability to make a difference and contribute positively to the work environment is what motivates me to give my best every day.