Antonio Buffoni

Antonio Buffoni
What is your role in SteriValves?

I have been working at the technical office of Sterivalves since 2019 as a technical designer. Previously I had some years of experience in an automotive company as a technical and production designer. I was in charge of programs for the controlled machines and parts for the workshop. My studies have been focused on the technical field, in fact I have acquired also the license of specialization of ITS (higher technical institute of technological high specialization).

What do you like about this job?

I have always been passionate about mechanics, that’s why I have always been a designer. I am a precise and creative person: my role requires attention to details but overview at the same time, so I find every new project challenging, novel from the previous ones. This allows me to stay up to date on new technologies, standards
and certifications. Customization is a fundamental part of my role that pushes me to always find new solutions.

What do you think is the strength of SteriValves?

The care for customers and its employees is certainly the quality that I most appreciate. Sterivalves listens to
customers’ needs and translates them into customized solutions. In-company, as employees, we have many benefits that allow to balance private life with job, including the possibility of having flexible working hours
and smart working. This for me is an added value that makes Sterivalves a very modern company and ahead of
the times.