Francesco Praticò

Francesco Praticò
What is your role in SteriValves?

Since 2018, I’ve been an integral part of the SteriValves team, where my role has evolved to encompass various logistical tasks. Initially, I managed transportation documents and liaised with couriers for pickups, honing my proficiency in document management systems and communication with external partners. Additionally, I provided essential support for import shipments of our procurement department, developing a strong understanding of import regulations and customs procedures.
After a few years, I transitioned into the logistical operations of the warehouse, where I handle packaging preparation, applying my expertise in optimizing packaging materials and methods for efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Moreover, I play a key role in preparing items for assembly and shipment to suppliers. The proficiency in inventory management systems is necessary to ensure accurate and timely fulfillment of orders.

What do you like about your job?

What I particularly appreciate about my job is the dynamic nature of managing situations, which is what motivates me the most. The ability to swiftly analyze each component and my deep product knowledge allow me to keep a close eye on packaging management. I consider myself to be a precise and thoughtful individual, and this reflects in the dedication I put into my work every day. The warehouse environment demands promptness but also control, and these are qualities that resonate with me. My ability to balance promptness with meticulous attention ensures efficient operations while maintaining quality standards.

What do you think is the strength of SteriValves?

Undoubtedly, our forte lies in our ability to stay abreast of industry trends and effectively navigate various challenges. Beyond our core business of valve manufacturing, we pride ourselves on our proficiency in tailoring solutions to precisely meet the unique needs of each client.
In our daily operations, our collective focus is centered on a shared mission: ensuring unparalleled satisfaction for our customers. This guiding principle underscores the paramount importance of active listening and comprehensive understanding in our interactions. For me, it’s a matter of personal pride to be part of a company that values these principles, recognizing the significance they hold in fostering long-lasting relationships and driving success.