Letizia Masotti

Letizia Masotti
What is your role at Sterivalves?

I joined the Sterivalves team almost two years ago, and during this time, I have taken on an active role with logistical and administrative responsibilities. This has included fundamental aspects such as shipment management, invoicing, billing, and courier relationship management. Currently, I am undergoing an internal program specifically focused on Purchasing Management, through which I am acquiring advanced technical skills in the metalworking industry to excel in my current role. In my previous work experiences, I have already gained experience as a Buyer, with a particular focus on procurement planning, price and contract negotiation, cost analysis, inventory management, and supplier performance evaluation.

What is the part of your job that you prefer?

I consider myself a detail-oriented and collaborative person,particularly skilled in building and maintaining strongrelationships with suppliers, demonstrating key interpersonalskills for procurement management. This is crucial to ensurethat the necessary materials and products are alwaysavailable, avoiding both shortages and excess inventory.Additionally, I am adept at identifying and mitigatingprocurement-related risks, utilizing analytical and riskassessment skills. This includes recognizing the risk of deliverydelays or product quality issues and the ability to developstrategies to prevent or effectively address them. One excitingaspect of the procurement field is that it is constantly evolving,and this dynamism requires staying consistently updated andready to tackle new challenges.

What do you think is Sterivalves’ strength?

Sterivalves’ strength lies in its attention to employee well-being and the promotion of professional growth. The company offers numerous benefits to employees, both personally and professionally, such as flexible working hours that allow us to balance our personal and work lives effectively. The opportunity to use remote working has a positive impact on our personal wellbeing. Furthermore, the collaborative atmosphere among colleagues contributes to creating a serene and stimulating environment in which I feel very comfortable. Sterivalves is also highly focused on the professional growth of its employees, offering opportunities to acquire new skills and promoting a sense of personal responsibility in daily activities. Personally, I look to the future with the ambition of delving into the procurement aspect closely linked to production, aiming to develop specific technical skills for assessing material quality and gaining a deep understanding of manufacturing processes in the metalworking industry.