Safety and health: explosion-proof equipment

Safety and health: explosion-proof equipment

Each European Union Member State must guarantee health and safety of people in its territory against risks derived from protection equipment and systems intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres.

The main priority for the manufacturer and for the user, must be to prevent the creation of potentially explosive atmospheres or otherwise, if they exist, to avoid their contact with any source of ignition.

An example of passive explosion protection is represented by explosion-proof equipment. Explosion-proof equipment meets its requirements if it has the appropriate features such as mechanical resistance of its materials, a careful selection of the design and the use of the appropriate type of connection.

European Standard EN 14460 specifies requirements for explosion resistant equipment (such us the limits of pressure and temperature of operation of the equipment) which will be able to withstand an internal explosion without rupturing and will not give rise to dangerous effects to the surroundings. 

Based on the its customers’ requests, SteriValves manufactures and validates Explosion-proof equipment in accordance with the EN14460 standard.

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