SteriValves simplifies the process: quick release support for SR type valves

SteriValves simplifies the process: quick release support for SR type valves

We have always been committed to designing solutions that simplify the work of operators, and now we are pleased to inform you that from November 1, the quick release support becomes the new standard for valves type SR (those with central clamp): Sterivalve, Flexivalve, Rotovalve Light
What is it?
The quick release support is a support that allows to assemble and disassemble the valve control (actuator or lever) without tools. In case of automatic valves, the actuator can be easily disassembled by releasing a small clamp. 

What are its benefits?
With a single support you can change the drive type from manual to automatic (and vice versa) without changing any component and  increasing the flexibility of the system. The design, more ergonomic than in the past, does not involve the use of tools for disassembly / assembly, thus simplifying and speeding up maintenance and cleaning. In addition, in case of valves with actuator, the weight is divided into two elements (valve and actuator), further facilitating operator work.

What should I check to be sure that the new support is compatible with the previously installed valve?
The new support  is identical in the manual version and about 4 cm longer in the automatic version. It is therefore important to ensure that there is enough space.

What should the operator be careful about when assembling / disassembling?
The new support  is assembled and disassembled without the need for tools, simply by tightening the clamp, so be careful to avoid accidental falls of the actuator. Also, since the clamp is subjected to fatigue cycles, periodic testing is recommended.
What impact will this change have on maintenance operations??
Simplification of dismantling and assembly operations, carried out by an operator without the use of tools, will facilitate maintenance and cleaning.
Are the spare parts I have in stock compatible with the new standard??
Absolutely yes! Only one extra PTFE bushing will be needed for the Tri-clamp spacer. 

What should I do to have valves with the old type support?
Old type support becomes an out of standard so you will need to explicitly state it in your request or order so that  the vendor can offer it as a custom item.

  Watch our video tutorials on YouTube and contact our sales office for more info.