Vibration problems? How to avoid them

Vibration problems? How to avoid them

Vibrations are mechanicals phenomenon whereby oscillations occur about an equilibrium point. The result is a waste of energy and annoying sounds.

Another side effect could be imbalances in the rotating parts, frictions, misalignement and wear. These drawbacks can also promote the creation of spaces where bacteria can proliferate. In certain industries this is very dangeuros.

If every component of a machine is designed carefully these problems can be avoided.

In order to absorb, reduce or compensate off-axes these vibrations, we have designed an innovative line: SILEND.

The SILEND line

They are flexible connectors made in different materials. Easy to assemble and disassemble without tools, made under GMP standards and according to FDA regulations.

Our SILENDs consist of a unique flexible connection element, and 2 flanges (one at each end).

The main characteristics are:

• Different measures to suit your need

• Resists light pressure and vacuum

• Suitable for CIP and SIP (sterilization)

• Tri Clamp connections according to BS, ISO, DIN standards.

And, of course, there is a complete documentation (declarations and certificates).

For the purpose of meet the needs of our customers these connections are made in different material such as silicone or silicone UPS class VI, conductive EPDM or white and FKM white.

The advantages of SILEND Line

The advantages of SILEND line are multiple.

For example, the safety. It was important for us to eliminate the use of tools in the installation in order to avoid the exposure to risk for the staff.

The type of industry where these connections are used (pharmaceutical, food and chemical) must respect stringent sanitation rules. For this reason, they were designed to grant the highest level of hygiene: there are no gaps that accumulate product. That means not promoting the creation of bacteria.

Moreover, the line is all FDA approved.

Which are the typical applications of these connections?

This line is typically used in pharmaceutical, API, chemical, food and nuclear (TSE/BSE free sectors) field.