Welcome automation: SteriValves’API Dosing & packaging system

Welcome automation: SteriValves’API  Dosing & packaging system

Whenever it is necessary to transfer solid bulk products from unloading facilities to a container, this system is your choice.
Thanks to  PLC  (optional touch screen HMI) it is possible to controls the operations, keeps track of various “recipes” and prints reports on adhesive labels.
SteriValves’fine dosing valve Rotodoser made up with two coaxial rotors with different capacities and independently actuated, allows to achieve a fast and precise dosing (from ±25 g to ±5g).
A dust proof welding seam closes the bag immediately after filling avoiding dispersions of powders.
The optional roller conveyor compact design maximize space and increase production offering the opportunity to continuously load and unload drums over a long period of time.

·         Higher productivity
·         Great accuracy
·         It prevents the cross-contamination
·       Reducing time and process costs
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