The powder handling is one of the core capability for pharmaceutical/chemical/food industries,

SteriValves experience helps processes where powders and granules tend to aggregate.

Stocking/transport: powders tends to form lumps that may cause problems downstream.

At the outlet of a wet granulator: undesired blocks of product can form during the processing.

Transferring the product into a dryer:The lump may have a moisture content that is hard to remove

The solution usually includes the intervention of an operator that has to manually break the lumps. Sometimes through the product is very hard and the operator is forced to use tools more or less compatible with the production procedures. 
In the pharmaceutical sector, the exposure of the product to a manual action is often regarded as problematic or dis-economical.

The ideal solution would require a system that is compact enough to be included in an existing plant and available in various sizes suitable for the existing piping dimensions.


It is a sanitary stainless steel lump breaker  driven at speed by a direct high torque drive system (electric motor, pneumatic rotor, pneumatic actuator) that meets rigorous safety and hygiene standards.
Its output covers a flow rate ranging from 750Kg/h minimum to 3 t/h maximum. The interlaced toothed rotor design allows free flowing of the undersize material to pass through the continuously changing gaps generated by the moving shaft ( Nominal diameters from ND 10mm to DN 300mm)
Thanks to its modular, compact construction, the crusher can also be employed as a pre-breaker in conjunction with a sieve, a mill etc.

Manufactured according to cGMP it is easy to clean and it is suitable for CIP and SIP

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