Why can you trust a SteriValves product?

Why can you trust a SteriValves product?

Light, compact and essential:

To meet the operational needs of the industries for which they are intended, our products are light for easy management, compact as they are designed to be used in tight spaces, and essential because they are designed to be ergonomic, thus avoiding contamination and loss of particles.

Facilità di montaggio e smontaggio:

One of the main features of our products is the ease of assembly and disassembly, our products do not require the use of tools.

Easy assembly and disassembly:

Design senza interstizi, superfici progettate per non lasciare residui impedendo la formazione di cariche batteriche e facilitando le operazioni di pulizia. Possibilità di CIP, SIP e WIP.

Simple cleaning:

Design without gaps, surfaces designed to leave no residue, preventing the formation of bacterial charges and facilitating cleaning operations. Possibility of CIP, SIP and WIP.

Guaranteed quality of materials:

Our products meet the highest safety and reliability criteria, are carefully designed in accordance with national and international guidelines, technical standards and certifications. We work in accordance with the quality criteria both in the processes and in the working environment (ISO9001: 2015 and OHSAS 18001: 2007) to always be able to guarantee the satisfaction of our clients with our staff and our partners.

Ours is an ongoing commitment to raise the health and safety levels of operators and to guarantee an excellent level of quality of products destined for end users.