Arbri Fejzullau

Arbri Fejzullau
What is your role in SteriValves?

I have been part of the SteriValves team since 2022, specializing in TIG welding. With over 5 years of experience in
metal welding, I have acquired a profound understanding of various materials and their properties. My responsibilities include reading and interpreting technical drawings and project specifications, ensuring that welds are executed in accordance with specific requirements. I am proficient in operating welding equipment, such as welders, clamps, electrodes, and gases. Additionally, I conduct quality control tests to ensure the safety and compliance of the welds with the established standards.

What do you like about your job?

In my role, attention to detail is crucial to avoid defects in welded joints. Patience and precision are essential for me to achieve clean and accurate welds. Moreover, I believe that a good welder must be able to promptly and efficiently address any issues that may arise during the welding process. Safety and concentration are my absolute priorities. My adaptability allows me to learn new techniques and adapt to new materials and technologies in the constantly evolving field of welding. What fascinates me the most about my job is the constant challenge and the opportunity to continually improve my competences by taking on new projects and facing new challenges. The feeling of satisfaction in seeing a project take shape thanks to my skills and dedication is what motivates me every day.

What do you think is the strength of SteriValves?

The family-like atmosphere in my department contributes to making the work environment enjoyable, and the positive collaboration among colleagues is evident. The ability to team up effectively with others is crucial, and I believe it is one of the pillars that make SteriValves an exceptional place to work. Additionally, the availability of cutting-edge resources and tools enables us to tackle complex projects efficiently, maintaining the high-quality standards that characterize SteriValves. This environment of continuous learning and support creates a corporate culture where everyone can grow professionally and contribute significantly to the company’s success.