ROTOCRUSHER NEWS VERSION: faster, more compact, more hygienic for crushing lumps

ROTOCRUSHER NEWS VERSION: faster, more compact, more hygienic for crushing lumps

The RotoCrusher is the solution proposed by SteriValves for reducing/crushing lumps formed during production or transport process of solid products; that frequently represent a problem in the pharmaceutical and food industry.

This particular lump braker is part of our range of products from the very beginning. The experience acquired over the years and the collaboration with our customers, allowed us to improve its main features.

The NEW ROTOCRUSHER offers a more compact design, with versatile and customizable connection system that favors its ergonomic and facilitate maintenance; without compromising the constructive solidity of the previous model.


Single body:
• Composed by fewer components in order to be disassembled faster.
• More sanitary design (fewer product build-up areas) for more effective cleaning
• More compact, for use in confined spaces and for quick maintenance.

Higher speed:
• Features stainless steel bearings to reduce torque and allow the rotor shaft to turn faster and fulfill the function of grinding / reducing lumps.
• Rotor design with aligned blades for more efficient crushing / lump reduction

New containment and cleaning system:
• Possibility of working under pressure or in depression thanks to the incorporation of a sealing system that limits the interior from the exterior of the Rotocrusher.
• Possibility of cleaning WIP (wash in place), CIP (clean in place) or SIP (Stem in place).

Quick disconnection system operation:
• Quick and safe connection and disconnection
• Quick removal of the RotoCrusher by using a motor slider, facilitating maintenance and cleaning
• Safety sensors allow safe use of the RotoCrusher

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