Improving Efficiency, Cleanliness, and Quality Control in the Food and Nutraceutical Industry by Switching from Gate Valves to Rotovalve Light for Bulk Solids Control

Improving Efficiency, Cleanliness, and Quality Control in the Food and Nutraceutical Industry by Switching from Gate Valves to Rotovalve Light for Bulk Solids  Control


In the rapidly evolving and competitive food industry, maintaining exceptional levels of efficiency, cleanliness, and quality control is of paramount importance. This case study highlights the remarkable journey of three food and nutraceutical companies that successfully addressed these challenges by replacing their outdated non-sanitary gate valves with our innovative Rotovalve Light from our Modular System. Let’s explore how this transformation revolutionized their operations and set new benchmarks for excellence.


One of our clients, a leading processor of enzyme powders derived from Papaya and Pineapple trees in Congo, along with additional food companies specializing in cheese powder and our esteemed customer Nestlé handling rice crispies, faced significant obstacles with their existing non-sanitary gate valves. These outdated valves posed multiple issues, including the accumulation of dirt and debris, frequent malfunctions leading to operational blockages, and excessive bulkiness. These challenges hindered the companies’ efficiency, cleanliness, and quality control measures. Recognizing the urgent need for an upgraded system to overcome these challenges, they turned to test and then adopt our Rotovalve Light.

The Solution:

Our Rotovalve Light, part of our innovative Modular System, offered the perfect solution to address the challenges faced by these companies. This valve possesses a range of exceptional features and provide numerous benefits, revolutionizing their operations. The Modular System consists of composable elements assembled together in variable configurations and suitable for different purposes, from feeding to interception, to dosing and fine dosing. Let’s delve into the key features and benefits that contributed to their success with Rotovalve Light

Features :

Ultra-lightweight: Our Rotovalve LIght is incredibly lightweight, weighing only 5 kg (DN 80) and 18 kg (DN 300). This lightweight design simplifies handling and installation, ensuring ease of use for the operators.

Few components: The valves have a streamlined design with a minimal number of components. This simplicity not only enhances their durability but also makes maintenance and cleaning procedures more efficient.

Easy to clean: Our Rotovalve Light is  designed with advanced elastomers and polished stainless steel, ensuring easy cleaning and maintaining optimal hygiene standards. The smooth surfaces and crevice-free design eliminate potential areas for debris accumulation, reducing the risk of contamination.

Tool-less assembly and disassembly: The modular design of our Rotovalve Light allows for easy manual assembly and disassembly without the need for any tools. This feature simplifies maintenance procedures and reduces downtime, ensuring continuous operation and maximizing productivity.

Flow control: Controlling and feeding bulk solids enables maximum process control to handle various types of food materials.


Reduction in machine downtime: The efficient and reliable performance of our Rotovalve Light minimizes the occurrence of operational issues and malfunctions. This significantly reduces machine downtime, allowing for uninterrupted production and maximizing overall productivity.

Reduction in maintenance costs: The simplified design and easy assembly/disassembly of our valves contribute to a significant reduction in maintenance costs. With fewer components and straightforward maintenance procedures, companies can save both time and money on repairs and upkeep.

Increased efficiency: The precise flow control mechanisms incorporated into our Rotovalve Light optimize the efficiency of product dispensing. By minimizing wastage and improving the feeding, companies can enhance their production processes and achieve higher levels of efficiency.

Improved hygiene and safety: The easy-clean design and use of advanced materials in EN 1.4404  our valves ensure superior hygiene and safety standards. With reduced risk of contamination and enhanced cleanliness, companies can maintain the highest quality control measures, safeguarding both their products and their reputation.

Enhanced Cleanliness: The crevice-free design of our Rotovalve Light eliminated areas where debris could accumulate. This ensured impeccable cleanliness, reduced the risk of contamination, and enabled the companies to meet stringent quality control standards specific to their products.

Streamlined Functionality: By incorporating precise flow control mechanisms, our Rotovalve Light resolved the functionality issues faced by each company. They minimized product wastage, improved accuracy in dispensing, and optimized overall production efficiency. This resulted in consistent and high-quality products being delivered to their customers.

Quality Control Integration: Our Rotovalve Light seamlessly integrated with the companies’ quality control processes. The reliable functionality and accurate flow control of our valves became essential components in ensuring that the products consistently met the highest standards of quality and safety.



This case study exemplifies the transformative power of upgrading from outdated non-sanitary gate valves to our innovative Rotovalve Light for bulk solid control and feeding in the food industry. By addressing cleanliness, functionality, and quality control concerns specific to each company’s products, they achieved enhanced efficiency and maintained the highest standards of product quality. We take pride in delivering solutions that optimize operations and enable our customers to meet the evolving demands of their industry.