Alessandro Vannini

Alessandro Vannini
Could you tell us something about yourself and your background?

I have always had a great passion for science and advanced mechanics, I have a Technical Degree and a specialization in Aeronautical Engineering. My professional career began twenty years ago as a Mechanical Designer. In 2005 I joined SteriValves team, where I currently hold the position of Technical Manager.

Could you describe your role in Sterivalves?

The main duty of a Technical Design Engineer is to transform customer’s requests into technical specifications to be sent to our Production Department and to our various suppliers in order to develop and implement the final technical solution.
My task is to ensure that this happens according to the established quality standards, managing
processes and resources, ensuring product compliance. Naturally, I always reserve the opportunity to enter into the merits whenever the situation requires it. I am also responsible for products intended for use in areas with an explosive atmosphere (ATEX).

What is the approach of SteriValves’ Technical Department in finding solutions for its customers?

Generally all start with a feasibility study request where the customer’s requirements are analyzed. Then, we move on to the design phase, when we come up with a sketch of the solution, time and costs that our Sales department send to the customer in the form of an quote.
If this is accepted by the customer, he sends an order and then we start the production, assembly, testing and validation stage.

Can you tell us what the 3 main advantages of SteriValves solutions are?

1 – We are a consolidated team of professionals.
This has empowered over time not only the growth and maintenance of the company know-how, but also a positive perspective that is reflected in our innovative solutions.
2 – Compared to more structured companies, I believe that we have the advantage of being flexible: we are
able to change processes quickly in order to meet our customers frequent urgent needs.
3 – We count on our management system that guarantees the traceability of every component in contact with the product, allowing us to act quickly and precisely when it is required.