Manuela Reginali

Manuela Reginali
How long have you been working for SteriValves?

I started working in SteriValves in 2012. As part of the Sales Department, I have been in contact with German-speaking clients from the very beginning. I was born and raised in Germany (although my Italian origins). Before SteriValves, I had gained experience in the same role working for a large German company in Germany. My job involves activities and tasks that I have always liked and that are linked to what I have studied. Being able to do it well and with professionalism is a great satisfaction for me.

What traits of your character help you in your role?

I am a very structured person: I like to work in a precise and organized way.
My clients know they can count on me, I take care of their requests and work hard until we have found the right solution.
I am also a curious person and I experience each new project as an opportunity to learn something new.
In SteriValves, we never stop learning!

In your opinion, which are the strengths of SteriValves?

If I had to describe the company in two words, I would say: human and multicultural.
I have been working here for nine years now and I can say that care for people has always been at the center of the
company’s strategies: respect for diversity and openness to change are values that we truly feel ours.
I collaborate daily with colleagues who come from all over the world, each with their own wealth of experiences. Dealing with them daily is always a moment of personal and professional growth.