Patricio Chugnay

Patricio Chugnay
When did you start working in SteriValves and what is your role?

I started working in SteriValves in 2005. From the very beginning I have been involved in the assembly and testing
of the valves, a job that I immediately felt passion for.
In Ecuador, my country of origin, I started working in many mechanical shops, I even started to set up my own small mechanical shop, but then the economic crisis brought me to Italy.

Are there any aspects of your personal character that help you in this role?

I am a person who love to do things well and I am always 100% committed.
The products we manufacture at SteriValves must comply with strict quality standards, and being a precise and scrupulous person is certainly helpful. In addition to this, I really enjoy working in a team.
I am always available for my colleagues who know they can always count on my support.

What do you like most about your job?

Since I was a child I have preferred “manual” work because it allowed me to see concrete results of what I do. I like to understand how things work and make them work. In SteriValves I have gained a lot of experience in this role,
and I am always pleased to be available and collaborative with the team and share my skills with all my colleagues.