Raffaello Bevilacqua

Raffaello Bevilacqua
When did you start working in SteriValves and what is your current position?

I have been working at SteriValves for eight years.
I started as a Mechanical Designer and then, to my great satisfaction, I was offered the position of R&D Area Manager (which is what I always wanted to do since I started studying).
The experience I gained in my previous jobs is a very precious “baggage” that I brought with me: I had a great opportunity to become familiar with pharmaceutical industry processes well, starting from simple mechanical processing up to the design.
Experience I gained in other industrial sectors is currently proving to be an important advantage for me.

What do you like most about your job?

I like it when the idea turns into something real: going to our Production Department, and seeing that what previously was just a technical drawing, turned into an efficient solution is really exciting!
Even more when I realise that solution is working, It is an incredible satisfaction!

What are the main challenges?

Being able to organize the production of prototypes while the company is busy engaged in performing the day by
day activities, it is the biggest challenge!
For this reason, the support of all areas involved in the process (from purchasing of raw materials to the implementation of the solution itself) is essential.
To ensure competitiveness and innovation of products and processes, a great team effort is needed and my task is to coordinate relative activities in order to achieve the company’s objectives.

Which are the ongoing projects being currently addressed?

One of SteriValves’ main values is “continuous improvement” and so we are constantly working to obtain patents on new products: in 2021 we submitted 3 applications and we are nearly to obtaining the correspondent patents.
Our biggest motivation is the desire to satisfy specific market needs (directly expressed by our customers or
indirectly dictated by the global market).

And your passion for photography?

I took up photography as a hobby some time ago and it turned into a true passion, so when in SteriValves we design or manufacture something interesting I cannot help the temptation of the photographer…..an activity that
also our Marketing Department appreciate so much!