Wladimir Chumania

Wladimir Chumania
How long have you been working at Sterivalves

I joined Sterivalves in 2016 as an Acceptance and Quality Control Operator. I already knew the company because in the previous five years I had been dealing with polishing processes for a company working for it. My initial role was to control the incoming materials, check dimensional drawings and technical documents, the relative load, the management of any non-conformities, the labelling of everything that entered the warehouse and its cataloguing. Then, over the years, the part of Production has grown a lot and I had the opportunity to switch as a Main Referent
for polishing and related machining (welding and turning). Finally, some months ago I became Production Manager and now I coordinate a Team of 12 people that deals with polishing, welding, machining, assembly and testing.

Which is your Technical Training?

I graduated in Ecuador as an Industrial Technician and have a major in Automotive. This has allowed me to have knowledge of welding, the use of manual milling and parallel lathe as well as carpentry. In my country of origin I worked for various industrial realities and I was mainly Responsible for Logistics and Production Management.

What is the most challenging part of your activities?

The part that pleases me most is to get to materially create the finished piece starting from the raw shape to the final one. The transformation of materials through the various stages is what most excites me about my role. In addition, I am particularly keen to analyse the challenges that are created with each project in the production of components and in the improvements that we can make.

What do you think is the main strength of Sterivalves?

Surely the possibility of constant growth and training that is offered has led me to improve more and more and this satisfies me personally . Acquiring new skills and keeping up with the times is the strength of Sterivalves. Additionally, the training courses are a good opportunity for personal and professional growth. But above all, the company gives us the opportunity to focus on the individual qualities of each of us so that we can express our best
abilities. My team is well integrated and involved and this makes me truly gratified as a person and as a leader.